"The betrayal of the maritime town of Folkestone".

Plans are afoot, to finish the destruction of Thomas Telford’s historic port. The prospects and dreams of the return of the car-ferries which might have brought hope for the future of our harbour town, are in shatters from an appalling deal & pact.

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A company was set up under French Law, in February 2002 equally financed by Boulogne Town Hall and Shepway District Council, which goes by the name of “BOSCO”, standing for Boulogne Shepway Co-Operation. It was claimed the aim was to promote and coordinate cross border projects involving Shepway District Council, Boulogne-sur-Mer to obtain European Funding.

Secret council files that were not for public release until 12th July 2011, uncovered a BOSCO Interreg IVa project to 'bring under-used maritime spaces back into use'. Such as turning the Port of Folkestone and the ferries operational land over into housing.

A deal which Roger de Haan’s paid €1,018,100 or £783,154, and Shepway District Council €286,620 or £220,477. For more details click here





Should Folkestone be allowed a say?

Shepway District Council's Local Plan Policy 'FTC4' claims it is 'safeguarding the restarting of ferry operations'. “Policy FTC4, - supports safeguarding the potential to restart passenger ferries, new employment opportunities and the retention of Folkestone Harbour railway station”. Click here to view Shepway's Local Plan on the Port of Folkestone.

So how can the above be able to take place when it is 100% against Shepway District Councils current Local Plan?

Why did no one battle to protect the future of our harbour town and the return of all of the Cross-channel ferry service, against the greed and injustice of property developers? (Or improve on 'FTC4' Click to see how.)

It would seem that some can be swayed to betray Folkestone, and may be to deceive others, including some in Boulogne.


Is this Ancient harbour town justice right for those who betray Folkestone?

The Judgment, - to be brought to Rocksalt's Judas posts to await the incomig tide.

Do we now forgive those who betrayed our harbour town and it's community, for seemly the best business interests of just one man! - ' because, they know not, what they do’. Or put them on the Judas posts?