Some Harbour Jottings

Front page of the Folkestone Herald of 7th November 2013 brings more false hope for the return of the ferries

The Folkestone Herald, reports on a Public meeting of The Remembrance Line of 31st October 2013, and a project to encourage operators to run passenger ferries from Folkestone Harbour. Remembrance Line advisor Henry Bolton OBE said “We believe [ferry travel] is part of a viable and comprehensive transport system for visitors and it would be a shame to lose this opportunity.

“Thousands of people every year travel to battlefields in Europe and we are talking to the Mayor of Boulogne about a link-up. I think we should exploit the town’s First World War History, we shouldn’t miss this.”

Folkestone did NOT have operational ferry services running out of Folkestone in the spring of 2014 for the Commemorate centenary of the start of the First World War, to mark a 100 years since the arrival of the Belgian Refugees, who arrived at Folkestone Harbour exhausted, destitute and hungry. Meals, clothes and beds had to be found at short notice. In the first months of the war 64,500 refugees came to the town for succour, and it is to the credit of the town folk and the Belgian Committee for Refugees that so much was done at short notice. Marking the arrival of the Belgian Refugees to the Port was not allowed to be marked by vessels at the harbour town of Folkestone in 2014. Although, a small group remembered the refugees of 100 years ago on Folkestone's Stade on 20th August 2014 by the release of a few ballons.

Perhaps the return of the ferry services to and from the Belgium ports would be more apt, than Boulogne if Sir Roger de Haan allowed ferries to use the town's harbour again? Goto for information link on Boulogne’s deal with De Haan


On 7th November 2013 Matt Leclere from 'Kent On Line' reported that Richard Moffatt and Henry Bolton of "The Remembrance Line Association" (RLA) aim to preserve the Folkestone Harbour railway reconnecting the harbour branch to the mainline and relaunch a ferry service from the port. The strange idea of a train to nowhere - got no where of cause

However in 2016/7 Sir Roger De Haan put a stop to this, by pulling up the Folkestone's Harbour Branch-line railway line to the town's harbour and pier, so vital for the return of the town's cross-channel ferry services. In the spring of 2018, rumours are that Sir Roger wants to turn the line and surounding land back to housing land and possibly car parking for his massive seafront housing complex masterplan. In the summer of 2018 Sir Roger has secured owership of the town's coach park on the seafront, and also the Leas Lift car park.

The Rememberance Line Association spokesperons claim that their business plan idea is to run a train service on the partial remains of the railway branch line. The proposed rail servce will operate alongside the existing the bus routes run by the bus company Stagecoach. Bets are not being taken on who will be the winners, and who will be the losers to get ownership of the Folkestone Harbour branch-line railway line..

On Thursday 24th January 2019, local media reports seemly on what could be seen as asset stripping the Folkestone Harbour Branch Railway Line:-

“Network Rail have announced today that it begin to clear the line of the northern section of the disused Folkestone Harbour line at the beginning of February”.

“The work in the Tram Road area will carry on until April, when most of the old track, sleepers and lineside equipment will be removed and overgrown vegetation and litter cleared along the route”.

“However, some of the old track will be left in place purposefully as part of future development of the area”.

Seemly as seen in the embedded railway lines on the Harbour viaduct and the Railway pier, can now extend to the whole branch line?

In first week of February 2019 Network Rail started work on the Folkestone Harbour Branch Railway line to the harbour removing the rails from the main line. The alleged crazy business plan of Richard Moffatt's idea to run steam trains and a tram up and down the harbour branch line. - can not happen without a connected to the main railway line.

Click here Savoy Brown's "Train to Nowhere" on YouTube

The final axe has fallen on the Folkestone's harbour railway branch line. The Shepway District Council claim they have the best interests of the town of Folkestone, so they decided at a council meeting to kill off the Port of Folkestone & Harbour Railway.

With the Brexit on the cards for 1st April 2019 we could have done with the return of the Folkestone cross channel ferry services to help out if needed. See the link below for Roger's broken promise for the Port of Folkestone.



Article in Rail News on 21st November 2013.

Click here for details of the Folkestone ferry that meets Roger De Haan's criteria for his expectable Folkestone Port operational passenger vessel
The Folkestone Harbour Company’s Roger De Haan 2018 ‘Master-plan’ shows a glass block looking building by Folkestone’s Harbour Pent basin, which gives some idea of a part of the ‘De Haan Project’ which appears to be higher than Folkestone's Britannia Grand Burstin Hotel. Rumours are that the height of the proposed buildings are under review.